What Is RDRedirect?  

It’s a small podcasting group that looks at life differently! With Dale hosting a half-hour show {Just Saying With The DTS}.  Airing new episodes on the 1st & 15th of every month.  He talks about & have fun with things that pop into his head. When not sure if he is right he invite Guests on the podcast to help out. So take a listen and get a lift in your Day.

Just ADD

All so going to stream video games soon. Check out the page on the menu to see what that is about.


Want to be a guest? Then drop us a line at justsaying@rdredirect.com

DTS YouTube




Also, to have some fun! We make a minute to 3 minutes YouTube video giving hints on what the next podcast might be about a few days ahead of the show. So if you like puzzles or fun, just click on the link above the picture and see if you can guess what the next podcast is about.

If that doesn’t help, then check out the new blog we release before each podcast. See if you can put the hints together to figure out the show that is coming up.

Maybe, By checking out both, things will come together! Good luck!!

Either way, check in with Dale  to see what he is up to and let him put a smile on your face for the day!

Just Saying





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