Who is HTWM ?

 Well, one is from RadAnimation & the other is from Ewen Production.

R A D   TheyEwen have a different point of how to watch movies. One just likes to go to the movies & just watch the film to get away from it all. Goes to the theater to see his favorite actor/actress. The other old movies he watches on Netflix or Amason Prime or rents. That is how he got involved in this podcast. He found a lot of movies that his actor/actress  jodie-foster-taxi-driver      wolf-1994- wasn’t in that were great…..

The other is a producer that just loves movies since he was young…. He just didn’t watch films as the other kids (except some of his close friends) they wanted to know who the writer was,           Tim Burtonhow the movie got made, why the producer pick those     actors      Batman    & so forth.

So you can see where this podcast is going.  Should be a lot of fun listening to these two try to get the other to view movies like they do…

Catch the podcast On iTunes, Google Play, Spotify. If you really can’t wait then let me RDredirect  you to the home page and click on How To Wach a Movie & take a listen…..



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