Who is He…

Suit 2 Who is this masked figure???? Another superhero. Don’t think so !!!  Well, why the getup… maybe he is hiding from someone hmmmmmmmmmm … No, wait it looks like a protective suit …but from what???

Suit 1 Wait I think he might be calling someone, his leader huh

Nooooo he can’t be an Alien even they wouldn’t put that suit on would they???????

Suit 3Ooooooooh wish I could hear that conversation! Wait, blow that up!! There is a symbol on is hand… We really got to find this guy. But where???

Suit 5Ahhhhhhhh I think I know Where… Dale on the case We will find him because radanimation.org wants to put it on their Youtube channel… Oh if you don’t hear from me again… check out [Just Saying With The DTS] episode 1 Oct 15th podcast to reveal all…… HELP

Suit 4

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