One Screen theaters

Screen Who remembers going into town to catch their movie in a one screen theater ??? & know once the movie is out of the theater it wasn’t coming back so you better not miss it. (oh yea & it was a matinee) LOL

Well if you want to know what Roger D & Douglas Ewen have to say about that then there is a podcast for that !!! – On the 29th of Oct come back here and go to the page How To Watch A Movie and take a listen…

Or maybe you have a void to fill… Well, these two also comment on movies that they have watched so if you have one hour they can help you with that…

How To Watch A Movie is about all the good things about the show instead of what went wrong… So with that and the little info you have can you figure out what these two are going talk about… That might help you fill your void —–




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