Dead Ringers cursed

Well, I see Ewen Production couldn’t wait to reveal what the next podcast was about!!

Hmmm, I wonder if that is what started the  Curse  Thought there was to be little teasers about the Podcast. But hay they did a great job advertising.  Curse #1

The next one was when Roger D & Ewen Production schedule to record the Episode!!!

car-crash  Roger D’s car decided to have an accident So that ended that day of recording.  Curse #2

Then they had to wait till Wed as there was filming conflict with Ewen Production on Tue. Come recording day 2, Roger D’s Son has an accident at

So he headed to the hospitalhospital to make sure his Son was all right. That finished that day’s session.   Curse #3

Well, I just got word that the Episode is to be recorded On Friday. Hmm Will the curse be lifted by then… lift  IF not then I wonder if they will have to do that Episode live as it is due on the 12th???  Just Saying!!!


PS Don’t forget to check out the DTS Youtube video coming out on Monday… See if you can figure out what their next podcast is about on the 15th. Good Luck!!!!



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