The Guests

Well, we have another podcast, (oh wait that is me, not we). Thomas went out searching for guests but haven’t seen him since!!! Maybe if we go back and listen to the podcast about his New Years resolution, (in EP 6 of Just Saying With The DTS) that may give us a hint about where he really is!

With him missing, that left it up to me to get a guest for EP 7!!! Knowing me, one was not enough. I got three! Are they grad students?

Hey!!! Maybe, JUST MAYBE, they are firefighters!

Hold on, reader. There are female firefighters too!!! Maybe three of them showed up. Just Saying!!!!

Or, knowing me I just went out and grabbed three unsuspecting guests off the street and coerced them into the podcast.

So, if you would like to know what I got up to while unsupervised, then take a listen to EP 7 Just Saying With The DTS and all will be revealed on Jan 15th, 2019.

  Just saying


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