Don’t Get Caught

Well, EP 8 just wrapped up! Ready for airing on Feb 1st.

What’s on their noggings you ask!! Could be what they shouldn’t be doing!! Remember EP 1.Toilet What!!!!! At least there are pictures!

Or maybe they’re cheating on their diet!Snoppy Naaaaa that can’t be it, Thomas is doing good on his & I am not on one!egg Egg whites yuck!

But maybe they just did something they didn’t know was wrong? bars Nay, they’re old enough to know right from wrong!!! Whatever it is, it got them talking about it. So tune in to Just Saying With the DTS on Feb 1st and find out what they are up to!!

What, can’t wait till then! Then go to the home page and click on DTS YouTube Channel. There is a skit on there that might help.

Just Saying




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