Wish/Dream/ Reality

First of the month is coming up. Oh yeah, April fools day!!!! And yes our podcast is still airing. No fooling.

What’s it going to be about You ask? well, I am getting tired of Thomas talking about how bad his job is, so I thought I would help him with that.

The Wish

fairy Godmother Maybe she will show up on the podcast & grant Thomas his wish hmmm. Don’t think he has one. Not a Prince!!!!


The Dream

dream Well, that’s Thomas all right. warehouse worker But I don’t think just dreaming is going to help. Needs something a little stronger. Hmmmm



THE devil The reality of it is, Thomas will just have to sell his soul to the Devil for what he wants!!!! Hmmmm

No Thomas, don’t do it!!! There has got to be a better way. Oh, I know. You could play the lotto and win. Naaa same reality!!!! Well, I guess you just have to tune in on April 1st to see which one Thomas picked.




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