The Interview

Well, paid good money to send Dale & Thomas to the Shock Stock event so they could get someone famous on the podcast. So did they get David Howard Thornton

from The movie Terrifier. Yea you know they did not.


Oh, maybe they got Kelli Maroney!     from such movies as Night of the Comet!! One of the two females at the event. No, that was to hard a job for them.

Who did they get you ask? Well, they’re from here is all they would say. Oh yeah, they should be getting a raise once the Boss listens to the interview they said!!! Hmmm. Well if you would like to hear who the guest was! Take a listen to Just Saying With the DTS EP 15 on May 15th to find out. Best one yet!!!!!

Just Saying





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  1. Loved Shock Stock Event!! Can’t wait to see which guest was picked for the May 15 Podcast. Just know it will be Spectacular!!

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