Dead Ringers cursed

Well, I see Ewen Production couldn't wait to reveal what the next podcast was about!! Hmmm, I wonder if that is what started the    Thought there was to be little teasers about the Podcast. But hay they did a great job advertising.  Curse #1 The next one was when Roger D & Ewen Production... Continue Reading →

Last Sleep

Well, it is Halloween night.   One sleep away from Just Saying With The DTS go on the air with their podcast. Oh yeah, you can go out trick or treating to hmmmm oh if I have to... Ok, when you're done and just sitting there eating all those candies you collected head over to... Continue Reading →

Hot Water

  Well, what is this? Dale doing dishes LOL. What did you do.... Oh you want me to go to the video to find out Well I will but until then I will like to let our followers know we have a new podcast coming your way  Nov 1st.. So on that date please come... Continue Reading →


Well, Thomas video didn't help... Here is a few pointers Get tin foil from  wrap it around  in trouble.. Then when done there you go ....If that didn't help go check out the video again and come back.... Check out the podcast on Just Saying with the DTS on this site... Thanks From Dale

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