THE Doctor

Dale is not over the catheter . Listen to how Thomas helps him understand Doctors.

The Visit

Well if you want to know what happens when you can't Pee then just listen to the podcast below. You won't just get a tetanus shot. Just saying.

The Conspiracy

Well looks like they are at it again. Check out what the DTS  uncover Now !!! Take a listen to the podcast below.

The Director

Well, see what happened when Dale does an interview at two in the morning with the guest who was giving a bottle of whiskey. Things were said that maybe shouldn't of Hmmmm.  

Russain Model

Well, Dale outdid himself this time, He said he had a great Guest and he did. Take a listen to the podcast below.

The Interview

Well, paid good money to send Dale & Thomas to the Shock Stock event so they could get someone famous on the podcast. So did they get David Howard Thornton from The movie Terrifier. Yea you know they did not.   Oh, maybe they got Kelli Maroney!     from such movies as Night of... Continue Reading →

Making Money

Well, Thomas is on the let us make money kick!!! I wonder how he proposes to do that? He did mention Farming hmmm Don't know how that is going to work. Too long hours! Then there was trucking driving!   Well, he did that but didn't like leaving home! Last but not lease a Casanova... Continue Reading →

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